Invest in one of Zambia's finest exclusive safari destinations
untamed, untouched and ready for tourism investors


North Luangwa is fast becoming known as one of the very few virtually untouched wilderness landscapes in Africa, as well as being supported by the North Luangwa Conservation Programme (NLCP) since 1986.
This partnership between DNPW and Frankfurt Zoological Society has culminated in the successful re-introduction of the black rhino to the region and have a proven track record in successful conservation projects. NLCP is committed to making North Luangwa a sustainable and self-sustaining park in the future through tourism enterprise.
Finally, after many years of scientific restricted access and considerable animal population growths, North Luangwa is opening up onto the international stage for potential investors. With very few current tourism stakeholders, there is plenty of opportunities available for new tourism operators to enter the burgeoning market.

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